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The website is my hobby. I have so many ideas and wish to spend more time on updating this website. Unfortunately, the life is so preoccupying. For that reason, I even do not have enough time to think what is the real nature of the time!


I know that the time arrow is determined by the increasing Entropy of the Universe expressed as the second law of the thermodynamics. This property of the nature creates a blockage against moving into and interacting with the past in order to change the presence. Maybe this limit is a blessing because the greatest mistake could be preventing mistakes from the past.


Although, I am not a professional writer, I enjoy to write my own stories. On that account, I am publishing them on this website. Hopefully you will enjoy the website and I would appreciate for your feedback. I do my best to improve the stories and this website follow my website design motto:


The website is for people and not people for the website!


Best Regards,


Marian Mirosław Soja


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